Jubaland Intellectuals forum (JIF) Calls for Immediate Suspension of all ongoing election 

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August 13th 2019

HE Amb. James Swan,

Jubaland Intellectuals forum (JIF ) welcomes your commitment and apprehension letter dated August,8th 2019 in which you have pronounced the vital need for transparent, free, fair and credible elections thus queried the JIEBC chair for more clarity of their electoral method including the list of elders, selection criteria of MPs and presidential candidates.

Unfortunately, the retort letter issued two days latter on the 10th August didn’t had sufficient ingredients in addressing all the unresolved
fundamentals elements in regard to the Jubaland elections.

Regrettably, Jubaland citizens walkup this morning to have received two parallel List of parliaments published by the two conflicting electoral bodies.

JIF Calls for:

1) Immediate Suspension of all ongoing election activities in Kismayu and the IC in collaborations with Jubaland intellectual forum initiate and open dialogue to prevent further conflict & roadmap for an all-inclusive new election.

2) Election timeline to be extended to additional three (3) months to
allow time for reconciliations

CC: Jubaland President, Office of the President of Somalia, Office of the
Prime Minister, UNSG, UNSOM, IGAD, AMISOM, US, UK, All
International community partners